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March 07, 2008


Ahhhhhhhhh thanks for having such a cute baby! Hugs to you both,

she's gorgeous..
what amazingly gorgeous skin she has.
Love the song you have playing .. how perfect!
Hope you get some much needed rest, my dear.

She is just precious, gorgeous and all things lovely! Rest up if you can!

A face as beautiful as that to wake up to, first thing every morning, will change your whole perspective on life, won't it? Congrats to you, Amy!!

Awww, she's just beautiful, Amy! Congrats!! And she's already starting to get some chub- SO cute!!

She is just gorgeous, a perfect addition to your family! Congrats, I am so happy for you.

She is beautiful.Looks just like her sisters. Deff. a hummel! You have the cutest babies! Cant wait to meet her for the first time. Love you all!

Amy, she's adorable, and I loved letting her puke on me! I think you got some wonderful pictures! Oh, and that bottom picture, Seth looked at it, and said, "Katelyn's baby looks just like Calvin!" So there you have it!

She is so beautiful!!!
Congrats on her healthy arrival and enjoy!

She is beautiful Amy!!! Congratulations!

Wow! I think she looks like Calvin as a baby. But the always change so fast at that age. Rest up!

She is so so beautiful! Such a Little Hummel! Can't wait to come take pictures of her. The ones you took are awesome, btw.

She's beautiful Amy!!! I'm so glad your labor and delivery went so smoothly! Get some rest, girl!

Oh Amy, she's beautiful!!!! Congratulations for your little girl!

Congrats! I'm so happy for you! I'm glad to hear that she is finally here and that everything went so well. I have to agree with some of the other posters that you are a superwoman! She is such a cutie and she looks so much like your other little ones! Congrats again!

Congratulations!!! She's a doll! I'm glad you are both healthy and happy. I'm sending you good sleep vibes as I type this :) You're a super-star.

She's beautiful, Amy! Congrats!

Congrats Amy! She is so beautiful! ((hugs))

She's beautiful and I love her name. Can't wait to see her and the other 3 again. Kentucky is calling you.........

Best wishes for your pants to fit again soon! LOL

Congrats, Amy!!! She is BEAUTIFUL... she has the look of your other kiddos already! I'm glad things went well. Get lots of rest!!

wow...SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL! How sweet. Congrats to you all!

oh Amy she is BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations on this precious little Miracle baby! She's a SUPER CHUNK! I can't believe you were less than 24 hours in the hospital! You're a TROOPER!!!!!

Congratulations!! Tess is absolutely precious. It sounds like your labor and delivery went very smoothly. You look so calm in that one picture!! I would have been freaking out. Enjoy your time with your new little one!!

OMG, Amy, she is so precious. I think she looks like Calvin did as a baby! Congrats to all of you :)

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