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March 05, 2008


reading this post reminded me of those feeling. I so know the ..."It's all going to fall out soon" feeling! Good luck. and remember...... PUUUUUUSSSSH!!! LOL ;) love ya girlie

Wow... I can't believe how much you have going on when you should just be worrying about yourself and getting that baby out!!! I don't remember any of those labor feelings. I think my water sort of broke and my contractions started at 3 mins apart then I had her in the next 2 hours, so I didn't experience any of that, I guess it just went from nothing to full on labor. I hope I go as quickly this time, I think I would go crazy from the anticipation if I had to wait 24 hours before it got going! It's nice that you are so laid back about it all! I guess since you've already been through this 3 times, you are a pro at it by now! Good luck! I hope it all goes smoothly and I can't wait to hear about it and see pics when you are feeling up to it!

See, this is why I like being induced! You know what will happen and when it will happen. LOL I totally understand you not wanting to go down that road, though. =) Hope the labor goes smoothly whenever it happens!!

Holy smokes - how exciting, Amy! Keep us posted and good luck to you. :)

Ohh How exciting! Good luck and I hope everything works OK for your plans! ;)

It's gotta be soon! Try to take it easy and enjoy your time with Jocelyn in the morning. It'll be fun and something you'll remember doing while waiting for you know who to arrive!! Hugs,

yay yay yay! I do NOT want to see you at girls night, little missy! We'll bring girls night to you...in the hospital!!

hurray, little one! i'm looking forward to seeing you SCRAPPED! :)

Amy, remember when I called you a lunatic!!?? LOL you ARE! GO TO THE HOSPITAL and relax! The HM group is watching this blog! good luck sweetie!

PS I sort of did the same thing ~ I was bleeding YET, the girls weren't due for another month. I was BUSY SCRAPPIN with a friend and just thought I did NOT have time to go to the hospital. Yea, they were born that night;) hee hee

Good luck Amy!

Can't wait to hear an update!

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